Established in 2017, Blue Monkey is both an online and printed entertainment magazine where the focus is entertainment in all forms.

Growing every day, we aim to provide you with regular content and keep you wanting more. From shining the spotlight on the up and coming artist to featuring a world-renowned hip hop dancer, no star to small or too big, we got you covered. We love entertainment, however, that isn’t all we cover. Our magazine features a wide range of lifestyle, fashion, and other genres of content as well.

• Our online platform averages around 19 000 visitors per month as of December 2018. Currently, we’re aiming at doubling that in 2020!

• Our one of a kind printed magazine is absolutely free and can be found around various distribution spots across The West Rand.

Due to the magazine being free, we rely solely on advertisers, Patreon support and the sales of our merchandise to stay up and running.

“The Future is Limitless to Those Willing Enough to Dream”

– Riaan AG Beeslaar | Founder & Editor