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Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist

Finally, after years of waiting, I’ve been granted the opportunity to see a hypnotist live! I have always been the skeptic when it comes to hypnotizing, is it real or fake?

Blue Monkey went to watch Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist perform live at Montecasino and we didn’t know what to expect. Yes, I was nervous and when the show started excitement took over. Andre immediately made an impact on the crowd and a couple of minutes into the show the volunteers rushed up onto the stage. Oh, and all the volunteers were willing, just so you know.

At first, it seemed strange and I was still at disbelief that this is real, but once the volunteers went under Andre’s hypnosis and began to act out his command, I was left in amazement. Without thinking or hesitating the volunteers acted out everything according to Andre’s wishes. It was truly a sight to behold.

Watching people do the funniest things made me erupt from laughter and not to mention, Andre is such a comedian himself. If you weren’t crying form the silly things the volunteers did then surely Andre would have you laughing at his jokes and presence on stage. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone who can capture and hold an audience like Andre can.

Maybe we were all under his hypnosis…

I recommend you visit Montecasino and see for yourself what the show is all about, and if you don’t believe in hypnosis, then Andre will quickly change your point of view.

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