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BOON wows Weiveld crowd with new theme song!

Is it Pitbull..?! Jack Parow..?! No wait, it almost looks like Queen… or maybe it is Snotkop… or Vanilla Ice?! You’ll never get it, so stop guessing, because the crown prince of music from Moepelfontein is in the house and lit up the stage of Pretoria’s favourite social hotspot, Weiveld, this past weekend with his sick new beat!

On 13 July 2018, this highly-entertaining superstar made his Gauteng stage debut during the launch of Weiveld’s official new anthem, Weiveld Click, which dazzled both the crowd and media… and not only because of the refreshingly weird outfit (a colourful ensemble, complete with a crown and cape) he was wearing!

The single immediately created a hype, with its witty cleverly plotted lyrics and upbeat tune. It was shared with the public right after the Afrikaans singing sensation, Jay, finished his show at the venue, and all the stops were pulled to make this event as memorable as possible. The song kicked off in true American Rap Concert fashion – with a red carpet walk-in, gold confetti explosion, flashing cameras, body guards and dancers showing off their moves to the catchy beat.

“Weiveld is the most popular dance venue in Gauteng, and most likely in the whole of South Africa. It showcases the talent of the country’s best singers on a weekly basis and draws an unbelievable crowd. The regular crowd, of 4 000 plus, attending these concerts every week has formed quite the clique and inspired me to write this song. It contains a combination of typical Afrikaans humour and popular international sounds,” says BOON, who describes his musical style as ‘Trap’ (something between Rap and Trance). “I express myself through my words and moves and my goal is to make people laugh and get them on the dance floor. The world needs more new and unique Afrikaans music,” he adds.

A music video, filmed during this epic show, will soon be available on social media, and the single will be included on the next Weiveld compilation album.

21st-century pioneer singer, BOON, was discovered by international music scouts in 2006 while performing at Caesar’s Palace and was nominated as one of the 100 Best Entertainers In The World.

Hailed as South Africa’s happiest musician, his music is a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy. Fans tell the BOON time and again that they love dancing, stomping, singing and kazooing along, to his unique lyrics and beat.

As the first Afrikaans Trap artist of importance, rightfully described as “the greatest rapper and fastest singer on earth”, this super-sized Hip-Hop, Trance, Rap and Comedy artist was an unlikely success story. His unusual approach to music, is probably what contributed to his success most: few people would imagine that a singer/ songwriter from Moepelfontein, could entertain audiences that don’t even understand Afrikaans, right around the globe.

But the sheer charisma, humour, and energy – not to mention inspired song writing, took him from the Asian underground comedy scene to his own series of hit Trap songs, which is set to be released in his home country, South Africa, this summer!

The crazed, wide-ranging sense of humour and intensity that BOON brought to the international music industry, also made him a sought-after character with audiences from Scandinavia to Japan.

The global music industry has showcased BOON’s theatrical, versatile vocals and Gass’ deft support on the Trap Dance Beats in seemingly stream-of-consciousness songs about celebrating life around campfires and on club dance floors.

BOON, who now shares a bachelor’s pad with his dog, Bakkies Botha, was born on the backseat of his father’s Chevy at the drive-in, with Grease playing in the background on the big screen. He has been making music all of his life and is chuffed with this amazing opportunity that could finally secure him a spot in the South African Music Industry.

He enjoys listening to Beethoven (not the dog… but he’s seen all of the movies) and Mozart, but people and situations are what inspires him to write and create new material. His aunt Duifie, was a music teacher and taught him to play any instrument he could lay his hands on.

In seventh grade, he was selected as the captain of the shuttlecock team, until he was expelled for stealing all the half-time oranges next to field. This changed his life forever and he had to settle for ring tennis and volunteering at the ice rink over weekends.

He currently holds the record for eating the most fish fingers (131) in twenty minutes and won the pink slip to a yellow Datsun bakkie in grade eleven in a breakdance dance off. Other interests include playing Dominoes and Snap!.

If he had to choose a different job, he would have loved to work in the fashion industry, as his obvious style and knack for combining clothes and colours is something every wardrobe needs. In his free time, he enjoys baking and his homemade brownies (top-secret family recipe) is a best-seller at his hometown’s local bakery.

He is currently working on his new album, which will hit the shelves of selected music outlets and online shops in September 2018. His second big concert in the city will take place on 29 September 2018 at Weiveld and will exclusively showcase his latest work.

“Ek hou van rap, ek hou van sing, hou dop – hier kom ’n ding!”, are lyrics taken from Weiveld Click and these words ring true, because BOON is definitely here to stay. Weiveld Click takes cool to the next level and will have you singing along in no time! Pretoria is currently going through an explosion of music and going home is out of the question for BOON, who has been banned from his home town after spending most of his time abroad!

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