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 The search has begun for nominations for the 2018 Conscious Companies Awards, in partnership with ClassicFM. Nominations have already opened for the awards which celebrate visionary leaders and organisations who heed the call to create a conscious business environment.

What sets a Conscious Company apart is that it functions with purpose to create financial, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical and ecological wealth for both its internal and external stakeholders.

Corporate behaviour and culture takes its cue from its leadership and the leaders who ask themselves fundamental questions such as – why does this business exist, how can we create more value for all of our stakeholders, how can we create a workplace of meaning, productivity and joy, how can we transform and uplift society and how can we serve? These are the conscious leaders of today.

Brenda Kali, CEO of Conscious Companies SA and author of “Beyond Corporate Sludge: Insights to create balance and harmony in the workplace” explains: “Consciousness has a purpose in business and government in that it defines the leadership, operating culture and value creation of an organisation as a reason for its existence far beyond the bottom line”

“ClassicFM is excited to be part of the Conscious Companies initiative in honouring and nurturing a new brand of business leaders in South Africa,” says ClassicFM CEO, Lyndon Johnstone.

The awards ceremony will be held in Johannesburg on May 17, 2018.

Companies can be nominated in any one or more of the following categories:

Human Capital, Leadership, Community, Culture, Environment or Ethics

 Who can be nominated by whom?

A company aspiring to be conscious and ethical, listed on the JSE or any other Exchange, unlisted companies, medium to small enterprises (over 3 years), government departments and NGO’s,that display one or more of the characteristics below can be nominated by any stakeholder who had experientially interacted with the organisation including employees and customers.

  • Authenticity – creates a brand and operating culture that is authentic and steeped in integrity
  • Purpose – keeps its sights on a higher purpose that transcends the bottom line
  • Stakeholder engagement – is always conscious of the needs of all stakeholders including equity owners, staff, customers and communities
  • Visionary leadership – is run by a conscious leader and fosters future visionary leaders
  • Trust, accountability and governance – maintains a culture of trust, conscience, integrity and accountability
  • Creativity and innovation – is progressive in its outlook, driving and encouraging fresh ideas and new methodologies
  • Responsible Citizen always recognises and exceeds its obligations in communities it operates in.

 The winning company receives a Conscious Company sculpture and the CEO/Executive wins a week-long trip to India and a course in Mindfulness, meditation and stress management in the Art of Living Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Bangalore, India.


Online registration: www.consciouscompanies.co.za or email: awards@consciouscompanies.co.


Tel: 082 7722577| Email: admin@agni.co.za or guru@agni.co.za

 About Conscious Companies SA

 Conscious Companies SA is a transformational organisationthathelps to shape and influence the consciousness, reason, justice, integrity, governance and ethics conversation as well as spearhead the call to steer companies to prosper, perform and pursue profits while placing a premium on people, community, culture and the environment beyond the bottom line.The company incorporates various platforms to evaluate, verify and showcase businesses and extraordinary,visionary leadership.

Become a member. Be a Conscious Company!

 Email: info@consciouscompanies.co.za

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