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DECA releases long-awaited new album!

Naturally.  The album name from popular instrumental duo DECA’s brand new release is testament to what listeners can expect.  With Douw and Herman Steyn driving the music with violin and guitar, the new album will follow a more natural and organic direction.

DECA’s first album, Black Sails, was fairly organis, however the new album takes it a step further.  

  “There are a lot more organic sounds this time around such as percussion, mandolin, flute and even the penny whistle.  The title track, Naturally, is very close to our heart, as is Hilltop Jig which is very diverse in its musical structure.  We also hope that our cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect will tug at listeners heart strings,”comments Douw.

There is also something for the younger audience – Shut Up and Dance With Me is a popular hit on the album and with the recent revival of Queen’s music, the song The Show Must Go On will also appeal to the audience.

Memories and a sense of nostalgia will continue to be rustled up further into the album with the cover of André de Villiers’ Memories – many people will remember this song back to when it was used in the classic Volkswagen advert.

The album is co-produced by Douw Steyn and William de Bruin.  With Herman undergoing surgery soon, from which he will be out of action for a few months, the incredibly talented Siobhan Lloyd-Jones will be stepping in on the violin and keeping his place warm until his return.

Naturally is now available on all digital platfroms.  You can get the album here!




Shut Up and Dance With Me

This Is Me

Hilltop Jig


Sound of Silence

Swallowtail Jig

The Show Must Go On

It ain’t Me


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