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Journey through the cosmos of Dimoon

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and director, Luca Dimoon lands in South Africa after a world tour to present his second album, Telescope, at The Orbit Jazz Club with his South African band.

Over the years, the Italian-born artist’s music has found purpose in constantly seeking to contribute to a social awakening in a world frequently plagued by egos and ills. Often described as a poet, Luca’s lyrical ability reveals a soulful interpretation of words and sounds, intensifying emotions provoked by the messages channeled through his songs.

After releasing his debut album about a decade ago, On Different Moods, the 35-year-old found himself touring the world in what would ultimately become a voyage of spiritual and cultural exploration. On his musical journey he embraced different cultures, often spending extended periods of time in countries such as France, Spain, Japan, India, Malaysia, Senegal and Kenya, where he was inspired to create Telescope.

Throughout the album, he successfully showcases a unique style of music – influenced by the masters of jazz, funk and soul, he’s fused his sound with elements of electro to create what has often been described as cosmic soul, cyber funk and minimalistic jazz. Telescope, the culmination of his artistry, is undoubtedly something to marvel at – a musically visual journey through Luca’s lens.

For bookings, live music enthusiasts can email or call 011 339 6645/081 534 2867.

Performance will feature:

  • Luca Dimoon – Lead Vocals and Piano
  • Mongezi Conjwa – Keyboards
  • Banda Banda – Bass
  • Joshua Zacheus – Drums
  • Keenan Ahrends – Guitar
  • Nolo Harmony – Background Vocals
  • Yamikani Mahaka-Phiri – Background Vocals

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