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Elcee Gweja, The Man Himself!

Kana nyika ikaramba eriya anodaira, even if the world says no the spirit of God says yes.

On my Playlist and on rewind throughout the entire day, this song has such a catchy vibe that sends waves of dance through your body, praising God with style. This incredibly talented man is certainly in a class of his own. He has given the genre of afro-pop a revolutionizing new jazzed up feel with his lingo and day to day reference. With his music, he sends out messages of love to the younger generation who can easily relate with the use of current social issues that most Zimbabweans and all people around the world are facing. By referencing in this manner he captures a wider audience and the message is spread far and beyond boarders.

Born Lazarus Chipangura in Gutu and raised in the mining town of Shurungwi Zimbabwe, he is one of seven children out of a family that was deep rooted in the church and all in the choir. His love of music grew stronger and the passion he possessed for it drew him into the music industry. It was inevitable, music was his destiny.

Taking over from his older brother Lione who opened a home studio back in 2007 he taught himself to create beats and record songs professionally. He then moved to South Africa and set up a studio in Johannesburg. Also a producer, Elcee Gweja works with a lot of different artists with different genres and cultures. His music is easy to understand and to interpret too.

Stating that he does not have a favorite venue to perform, he enjoys performing for his fans wherever the music takes him. Capetown the mother city is mostly where his shows are showcased. Elcee considers his music as a pain killer. If one is sad, worried or in distress all one needs is a dose of his sound and instant healing is received. A beautiful light at the end of the tunnel is shown and hope for the future is renewed.


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