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Elme Churr and her jaw dropping new single!

As they say, ‘Afrikaans is n lekker taal’ and you’ll immediately understand why once you’ve heard Elme Churr’s new captivating single titled Jy’s Genoeg.

To all our lovers of Afrikaans music, Elme’s song is undoubtedly one with the power to transform lives.

We all get days where we feel perhaps if I was smarter, stronger, or braver, then it would be so much easier to achieve my goals. Well what if we told you, you are all those things, and more. You are enough, you are capable of conquering the greatest obstacles if only you are willing to take the risk of believing in yourself.

Jy’s Genoeg, the latest single by Elme Churr is one song that helps us to remember how downright amazing we as individuals can be.


The inspiration for Jy’s Genoeg came to Elme at the beginning of the year, when she realized that we are all bombarded with the feelings of doubt and worthlessness on a daily basis. The idea for her latest single is to fight those destructive thoughts and remind us that we are perfect, as God doesn’t make mistakes. Elme also shares with us that a music video is also to be expected. Within the music video, you’ll be introduced to a father and a daughter, who share a love similar to God’s love for us as humans.

I myself am honestly a huge fan of this one of a kind Afrikaanse artist, and I strongly encourage all Blue Monkey readers to follow her on social media and walk the journey with her every step of the way.

We deserve a little something to remind us how capable we are of achieving greatness.

Jy’s Genoeg



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