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ICONiX SA – ‘Live it, Feel it, Believe it’

Modern society faces an obstacle, bars around us are getting thicker. It becomes harder and harder for society to show love without being hated, to provide peace without being provoked, and to express without being judged.

ICONiX SA, an independent record label from the dusty streets of Johannesburg is doing what is said can’t be done. Their art is helping the youth to freely express themselves while also protecting them from social ills and self-doubt by educating the masses about the potential power each individual possesses when they start understanding themselves.

This multi-disciplined African Renaissance has helped the youth to make a mark in the music industry. With music and inspiration arriving from the Renaissance Era where Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Pablo Picasso emerged, it’s no doubt that the lyrics they help produce have enough love, power, and understanding to change the modern man’s mindset.

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ICONiX SA creates various genres of music and a majority of their music is a fuse of Alternative Soul, Rap Music, and R&B, yet they also extensively release House and Trap Music for party bangers and songs that allow them to perform at events with music themed atmospheres. ICONiX SA was founded in 2012 with the sole intention of expressing their thoughts, emotions, and stories regardless of the opinions of others. Having little to nothing, ICONiX SA did what they set out to do, and that was to make music that people can relate to. Not long after they started to make name and people encouraged them to go on with their project.

By this time ICONiX SA was a group of 6. While studying they had to get part time jobs in order to afford decent studio equipment. By late 2014 ICONiX SA had purchased new studio equipment and was ready to make it happen. They ended up recording in bedroom studios, dorm rooms, and anywhere they basically could. With a number of times being almost kicked out at some accommodations, they never stopped moving forward. Derah, one of the founders then moved to Brixton, Johannesburg to be closer to his campus (U.J ) whereby he met the other members of ICONiX SA, and just like that their energies were in sync and they knew that ICONiX SA had just expanded.

The artist roster now consists of Derah III, Lord Kenn, Phifteen, Pankaa$, KiD iOsif, R3uben with talented singers such as Geraldine, Trecia, and Tumie and part of the music producer roster they have CLV, D’Joe, Ccino Deep, Xtra X. All though ICONiX SA being music leaders they have more talent fields including a graphic design department that is led by a graphic designer student who goes by the name ‘ART XCVI’ also known as Kadi Sabi.

ICONiX SA went on to launched its official website where their debut mixtape was premiered. With the tape hitting more than 1500 plays and downloads within a few months of releasing on Audiomack and other songs reaching more than 4000 streams on Soundcloud in total, ICONiX SA soon became a well-known name. Some of their producers got the opportunity to produce songs as Music Score contributors to the critically acclaimed best new Drama Television Show titled ‘Keeping Score’ on one of the most watched South African Channels, SABC 2.

Throughout the years what makes ICONiX SA such icons in the South African music industry is how they’ve managed to stay faithful to their original message to the public that is and will always be, “stay true to your nature, but remember that change is the only thing that is constant so be aware of what is going on in the world and the world’s history so that you can change it or inspire others to change. Spread love always, because love always wins. Spread respect, equality, and feminism because women are like the moon, men are the sun and the children are the stars because without women we have a country and not a nation, we have a house and not a home.”

With one great and inspiring journey already behind them, we can just expect more to come in 2017. With more music projects, more growth and even a digital book of their mixtape BLAKHEART GOLDMIND later in this year you can’t afford to miss a single moment of what’s happening with ICONiX SA.

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