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Is jy Boontasties? Boon, The one and only!

Not to long ago I was granted the memorable opportunity to sit down with Boon and talk about his recent rise in the music industry.

If you immediately recognize this one of kind personality chances are you have seen him perform at least once. Boon recently stunned the Weiveld crowd when he revolutionized how we interpret Afrikaans music. With his ‘boere rap‘ he raps and sings about what we as South Africans love. From time spent with your best mates, to drinking a beer while grilling some steaks. Everything he raps about allows the listener to relate to a few good memories they have locked up.

Especially during a difficult time in our beautiful country, we as South Africans need to remember that there will always be great things in our rich and vibrant nation worth remembering.

Listening to Boon’s music for the first time, immediately you’ll think but how can one dance to this? And before you’re mind start to wonder you’ll find yourself moving along to the beat. In a split second, you’ll be swept up in the catchy rhythm. That’s because Boon has honed his skill set over the course of the last couple of years. In 2006, this talented artist was discovered by international music scouts at Caesar’s Palace and was nominated as one of the 100 Best Entertainers In The World.

Boon describes his music as something allowing the listener to just break loose and be themselves. Genuine party music! As a lot of you know, Boon also made quite the impression in the music industry through his previous rock music projects. However, this time he feels that he needs to embrace his wild side so to speak. Listening to one of his latest singles ‘Woes Mal‘, you’ll get to know the crazy side of Boon! He mentions that while his new music allows listeners to break free and live life to the fullest, it also allows him to be himself and embrace his wild side.

You’ll also notice that his lyrics are clean, that’s because he focuses on the message he gives out to his audience. So if you like me and you need to hear more of his insane rap, make sure to keep a look out for his new songs and album releasing in September! The songs include ‘Woes Ma‘, ‘Boontasties’ and a variety of other different party starters!

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