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Konnekt Records, join the movement!

There is a new movement that is steadily busy making a tremendous impact around the Westrand. KONNEKT RECORDS, in my opinion, the ideal platform for rising artists to break through to the next level in their career. Luckily we had the perfect opportunity to chat to Venom, one of the masterminds behind KONNEKT RECORDS.

KONNEKT RECORDS began when Venom and Sardon mastered their art in the genre of hip hop music, they then decided to come up with the name Konnekt Records to unite artists as well as the community to stand out.

Venom mentions that it is a great challenge for any rising artist to break into the music industry. The reason is due to a lack of certain elements such as proper exposure. The next top hip hop artist might be your next door neighbour, but without the right exposure, no one will ever know. Konnekt Records aims to level out the playing field by making sure that each and every artist gets enough spotlight to help them grow their career. A flower without light will have quite a difficult time growing.

Currently, Konnekt Records is focusing their attention towards collaborating with the right partners and they’re also obtaining sponsorships. New partners and sponsors will play a huge role in the coming future. Both are extremely necessary as they will assist artists on their path to success.

We asked Venom, where does he see Konnekt Records in 10 years time from now?

“A production and events powerhouse at a large scale. have the biggest sponsors to a line themselves with connect and growing artists to become brands in their own art.”

Certainly an ambitious answer.

Alongside providing a platform for artist to promote their art from events which are being organised by the founders and team players, Konnekt Records are also working with producing and mastering music for musicians who are part of Konnekt Records.

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