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Princess Susan Challenges You to Invest in Change!

What were you doing at 04:10 this morning? The very successful and inspiring Princess Susan reported for duty at her brand-new gym, 3DFitness SA in Krugersdorp. The gym was previously known as Aroeka Health and Fitness Studio but was transformed since September 2018 after relocating to a new premise in Krugersdorp, at 333 Jorissen Street, and being renamed. Princess Susan mentioned that she received a message from God one morning while jogging that she was ready for a new season in her life and then decided to make these wonderful changes to her gym.

By 05:00, Princess Susan teaches her first class to her dedicated clients and only leaves her gym by 20:00. She has a definite passion for the people she works with and the gym feels like home to her as she has been in the fitness business since she was 19 years old. At that age, she immediately fell in love with maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle and promoting fitness and wellness. Princess Susan believes that we are made to the image of God and that improving your body can be seen as a form of worship as we are then committed to maintaining and nourishing the sacred temple that is our body.

3D-Fitness SA symbolises the importance of the wellness of our body, mind and spirit with regards to a healthy lifestyle. This means to ultimately prioritise these three aspects of our lives to promote a healthy and empowering lifestyle. Princess Susan mentions that the secret to maintaining a sustainable habit of a good exercise routine is to completely invest in your health and wellness as you would invest in your career, your loved ones or other enjoyable hobbies.  She adds that we should be aware of the inevitable – if we do not schedule a time to invest in our health and wellness, we will have to make time to schedule doctor’s appointments!

A very reasonable 20 minutes of exercise a day is all it takes to form this healthy and beneficial habit. Health and wellness are extremely important in modern times where we spend most of our time at work or at school. 3DFitness SA accommodates men, women and children which makes this gym the ideal place for quality time with the family while prioritising wellness and investing in each family member’s health.

Princess Susan is striving to create a culture of inspiration, growth and challenge to investment in her gym and in her home. Her family is extremely important to her and she is most definitely an
amazing example for mothers who have the responsibility of maintaining a household, and a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She strives to be physically, mentally and spiritually strong which has so many benefits for the upbringing of her children and being an invested wife.

Another unique quality of 3DFitness SA is that she only plays gospel music during classes and in the gym to create the opportunity for members to rejuvenate their soul during a visit to the gym. Her absolute commitment to her gym members can be seen in her holistic view of health and wellness, her passion for working with people when guiding them in positive change and the measures she takes to create individual and accommodative plans for each of the clients she works with. Princess Susan also believes that motivation and inspiration that is needed for positive change lies within yourself. The secret to a healthy mind is optimistic thoughts, positive affirmations and openness to self-discipline to form new and healthy habits and routines. When asked about her personal inspiration, she immediately thought about her soon-to-be mother-in-law who is 71 years old and still finding time to ensure a daily exercise routine. They both believe that a long-term investment in your health and wellness will ensure fruitful results regarding your body, mind and spirit, and leaving you feeling great!



BY: Chanel Van Staden

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  • Prinses Susan is a big inspiration and a very good friend. One hour in her gym ans you feel like a new person.. Body and definitely soul…

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