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Ruthy Rose wants to shine through music!

‘I see myself performing on a bigger stage, a large crowd cheering for me, and singing to my music.’

That’s how Mothale Shai, affectionately known as Ruthy Rose, describes her vision.

Growing up in the village called Ga-Skororo in Limpopo, the younger Ruthy Rose used to spend most of her time alone jotting down songs that she would later cheerfully sing to her family and friends, and probably in the shower, ‘if she was lucky enough to have one at home’.

The now 20 year old singer, songwriter, and student who now has two songs to her name, Stay and Apologize, says that at 19 all she wanted was to be able to play the guitar,  ‘but no one took me seriously’ she laughs. Ruthy Rose jokes about how everyone she asked to help her with guitar lessons turned her down, but the emphasis that due to her determination and love for the instrument she resorted to the internet for lessons, thanks to YouTube.

Ruthy Rose’s other definition of a dream come true, she says, would be ‘just making a song with Thapsie’ whom she also looks up to in the industry.

Ruthy Rose’s songs, Stay and Apologize, are both readily available on YouTube.


Photo by Khutso Mononyane

Her Twitter handle is @ruthy_rose.

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