Schandry Kuhn, the rising star

What better way to start the new year then by featuring Schandry Kuhn, the girl from Potchefstroom with a talent that is taking her to higher heights each passing moment.

It was at the New York Film Academy where Schandry really could start to feel what the glamour life is all about. Working with well-known artists it was there where Schandry accomplished most of her goals, one of them was being on Broadway.

In 2017 the New York Film Academy even accepted Schandry to do a summer school for teens in musical theatre. This is one-way Schandry feels she can encourage youngsters to follow their dreams, as she believes one of the most important aspects of making it big is believing in yourself.

Also being part of MAD Entertainment, it’s certain that 2018 will be a tremendous year for Schandry Kuhn as she reveals to Blue Monkey Magazine that we can expect the release of her first music video!

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