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Date night with my Beau at the opening of the Tina Turner show was nothing but simply the best. As we took our seats at Emperors Palace, the auditorium filled up quickly. The lighting was perfect, the mood was set and all we needed to do was sit back, relax and enjoy.

Fans were dressed to suit the occasion. I spotted two guys wearing shiny, silver outfits paired with unique hairstyles and on my bottom left I spotted a celebrity, Sechaba Moloi, of the local soap Isidingo.

Lights, camera, Tina! The show began and oh! What a night!

Song after song was sung. The Crowd was very involved. “What’s love got to do… Word for word Tina Turner (Caroline Borole) got everybody singing and dancing along. A 20min break was called after a very energetic performance that left the audience wanting more.

I go out of the auditorium to look around the casino and just savour the moment when I spot the same celebrity who was sitting inside taking selfies with some fans. I decided to also take a pic with him. For the love of pics, he takes my phone and he clicks a pic of us and alas, it turns up blank. Eish!! What a disappointment-and-a-half my phone chose to be at that moment, of all moments.

I quickly return to my seat and wait for the second half of the performance to begin. In a striking red dress Tina gets intimate with us, her audience, with one of my personal favourites “Private Dancer”

She continued to serenade as she moved about in the crowd swaying from left to right as her backup dancers quickly became pole dancers for this particular song and completely took our breaths away. Giving us a well-studded performance. Tina Turner (Caroline Borole) set the house on fire with her hot spicy, energetic and unforgettable show. This opening night was fantastic and I can definitely recommend all Tina Turner fans to go watch future shows. Caroline Borole is a is reincarnated Tina Turner if I may say. Such magnificent talent.

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