Youth President Spyderman

Spyderman as he is popularly known, this young talented man is a superhero amongst his fans and friends. His lyrical wit and clever rhymes have won the hearts of the younger generation. And him being the youngest dancehall artist earned him the name Spyderman,” the youth president.”

Meg-Anne: Who is Spyderman? Elaborate on who you are as an artist and as an individual.

Spyderman: I am Jonnel Tanjani, aka Spyderman,a dancehall artist aged 18. I am in my final school year at Species college. I started music at the very early age of 9 and rose to fame at the age of 10. I have featured with Zimbabweans greatest artist and I have won an award for the best dancehall youngest 2014 I have also linked up with international artist like Mavado, Mr. Vegas and Clapeton Once Mavado gave me a gold watch after my performance at his concert and Mr. Vegas named me Spyderman, before then I was called Babylon.

Meg-Anne: When or how did you start realizing that you have talent and that you live for music?

Spyderman: I was in love with my uncle’s music, and one day he heard me sing some of his songs. He then wrote my first song,” ndowachisa”, which was the birth of my career.

Meg-Anne: It can be easily said that you are one of the youngest talented dancehall artists in your home country of Zimbabwe, What made you decide to become a dancehall artist at such a tender age?

Spyderman: Well I chose Zimdancehall because its the music I was exposed to by my uncle. He was into it so I, therefore, became interested in it.

Meg-Anne: As a young artist of this generation, you have major influence amongst your peers and fans. What are are you positively contributing to them through your music?

Spyderman: As the youth president I teach the younger generation to stay away from drugs and always plan for the future. I encourage them to go to school and make their parents proud.

Meg-Anne: Clearly dancehall is your first love after your uncle Jigazz introduced you to it. How has the nation received your music?

Spyderman: The nation has embraced my music in a phenomenal way. They enjoy my music very much and they show their support in a different way, like attending my shows and great feedback on social media.

Meg-Anne: If you are to collaborate with an international artist, who would it be and why?

Spyderman: Drake because he has support for dancehall and African music.

Meg-Anne: Do you solely hold shows across the country?

Spyderman: Yes I do hold shows within the country and across the border mainly in South Africa.

Meg-Anne: How do we get hold of your music? Is it on social media platforms, in stores etc?

Spyderman: It is on social media sites yes, you can access out on my Facebook page: Spiderman Zimbabwe Reloaded and on Instagram: @SpidermanZW also on Twitter: Spiderman_Zim.

Meg-Anne: When you started at only 9 years old, did your parents have any reservations about your chosen career?

Spyderman: They were supportive and they handed me over to my uncle because they knew I had to harness my talent.

Meg-Anne: What advice would you give a young aspiring artist who wants to venture into the musical world of dancehall?

Spyderman: I would say to them, Chase your dreams and make it a reality and also invest in education. Education is key!

In his musical web, Spyderman has managed to capture and entice his fans with entertaining great music. Be sure to catch him at one of his live shows and experience The Spyderman!

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