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Strictly No. 1’s: Definitely a must see!

Music has always, and will always be part of our lives. It’s safe to say that my grand kid’s kids will listen to music. So why is that? We use music to celebrate, to communicate and to mourn. Music’s potential and vast uses are limitless and trust me when I say, artists like Elvis Presley, Cher, George Michael and many others have revolutionized the industry. So imagine if it was possible to be able to watch these legends perform live in one place.

Strictly No. 1’s is an extraordinary Barnyard production that made this possible. Thanks to Lee Pave, Gift Gwe, Richard Kaldenberg, and Caelee Vercuiel who pays homage to the four fathers of music, everyone can now enjoy a night out at Silverstar’s Barnyard and watch their favourite artists and songs come to life right in front of their own eyes. With a song list packed with award-winning songs such as Heaven is a Place on Earth, Eye of the Tiger, Another Brick in The Wall, and Kung Fu Fightingit’s downright impossible to attend the show and not be entertained.

This must-see production is showing at Silverstar’s Barnyard until the 10th of March 2019! And yes, if you see the show and you feel the urge to go and watch it a second time, don’t feel strange, as I myself am planning on attending it again. It’s just that good!

Strictly No. 1’s is a roller coaster ride through 60 years of No 1 hit songs that made us dance, sing, cry and party ‘till sunrise. The show features a 10-piece cast, along with our crazy DJ who will take you back to the hit parade number one songs on radio stations around the world. Strictly No. 1’s is a show for all ages, all music tastes and celebrates all styles of fashion and song – crisscrossing 60 years of number one hits. Get ready for a number one countdown that will keep you rocking ‘till the break of dawn.

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