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Talent Search Winner Toni Releases New Single!

Johannesburg, South Africa (March 2019). – On 15 March 2019, four months after winning the title of COPPERSTONE’s Annual Talent Search South Africa competition, Toni Mngoma’s debut single titled “Touch The Sky”, is set to drop.

After receiving praise from industry experts who witnessed her uplifting performance of the single at her official crowning, the inspirational pop anthem has already been labeled a sure-fire chart hit. The song, part of her winning prize, was written and produced by musician Daniel Baron.

Toni says the song is filled with energy and vocal acrobats. “The song is about reaching your dreams after having struggled for a long time and finally having that dream you have wanted for so long come to fruition,” she says. She also states it was an honour working with Daniel. “Anything that Daniel Baron touches is gold. The song is very inspiring and motivational, about reaching for your dreams without the corny twist.

“I feel like this song was meant for me because its exactly how my journey to becoming has been. Struggling and thinking about how I can make it and to finally winning a major talent competition and having such an amazing platform to start off my career in the entertainment industry. It’s almost like Daniel had a glimpse into my innermost secret desires and wrote that song from my perspective.”

Daniel Baron – “It’s truly rare occurrence when a singer is able to move me to shivers on the first line of a song. Toni’s voice did that to me the first time and continues to move me every time.  The song is about having limitless dreams and I believe Toni has completely embraced and embodied every word and melody with true artistry and real boundless passion. She will touch the sky with this new single.”

Last year’s competition delivered 20 semi-finalists, but it was Mngoma’s version of Queen’s “Somebody to Love” that caught the attention of the judges.

Mr. Jacques Momberg, Founder and Director of COPPERSTONE, says the purpose of the competition is to assist talented singers with the potential for commercial growth, to start breaking into the industry.

“We help our winners to become successful artists by guiding them to create a sustainable business model for their brand. In the end, their brand will play a pivotal role in South Africa’s music industry by adding creative music for people to enjoy,” says Jacques.

“I am extremely excited about Toni’s debut single.

He describes “Touch the Sky” as an inspiring, uplifting song which can compete with any international hit single at the moment, without losing its true South African flavour. I am certain this will become Toni’s breakthrough song, which many people will identify with. It will become a song of encouragement and elevation. Toni is here to stay and we’re super excited about being part of her journey.”

Toni is very excited about the year ahead. “I am overjoyed and super excited for the year ahead,” says Toni. “My plan is to become one of the best-known artists this country has seen. My family and friends have been pillars of strength. I can’t wait to show the rest of the world what I can do.”


Touch the Sky

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