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Even since the beginning of time, the best has always been saved for last. God created a woman, the cherry on top. We are worthy and precious. We were designed uniquely beautiful and embracing the women we are is what we pride in. Just like a diamond ring, not only is it beyond beautiful it is of great value, it is a symbol of love and commitment so are we women.

Be it in the political arena or in the business world, straight to the person walking downtown, fashion has broken all borders and created a culture that has given people the freedom to express themselves through art in the form of trendy, creative, classy and sassy dressing and it has brought about a new look that is not limited to one area.

Meganne Chapfika

In these modern times, one could easily say we have evolved for the better and the level of understanding has matured sadly it is not so. I find that some people still think primitively that the way women dress suggests who they truly are. Women are to be allowed to wear what they want and feel comfortable in, be it tight or short. When a woman is said to be sexy it is not what she puts on that defines her nor does it suggest that she is seeking attention nor does she qualify to be labeled a harlot. Women’s bodies are a work of art, not a crime scene. So many times I have heard men say, “ but she deserved it. Look at how she is dressed. She wanted it.” That rotten mentality has to be thrown out.

Sexiness is about the way one carries themselves, how confident one feels in how she chooses to dress.

As we celebrate women’s day let’s open up our hearts and lend an ear and also support young girls and women who have been abused. The abused ones should find the courage to speak up, Families tend to hide and normalize abuse and the blame is shifted on the women. In the end, abused women tend to self-blame and feel responsible. Be vocal about any type of abuse. Seek help and be woman enough to say enough is enough.

We are one race, the human race. Where is the love? The love that unites, the kind that blooms over and over. Embrace the beauty which comes in the form of a woman. Let us be the cherries we are meant to be. One love and Happy women’s day.



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