Phat Sound Records

In 2012, a Local man from Finsbury, Randfontein Gauteng, followed his dream and established a record label that grew rapidly throughout the course of just 4 years and developed into an acclaimed indie label Hip Hop main and House music.  Letlaka Tsotetsi founder of Phat Sound Records, a private company has provided multiple artists the opportunity to follow and reach their dreams as well.

We managed to speak to Letlaka, and in this opportunity, we got the chance to ask him a few questions concerning Phat Sound Records (PSR). We talked about what music he loves most to work with and produce, on what he answered, Hip Hop music and House, or also known as dance music as right now this is the hottest genre of music in South Africa.

PSR, as established, is a record label that focuses on the rising starts in South Africa. The label helps artists to develop their talents and also to bring out the full potential that is locked away within them. Some of the artists that PSR has worked with are Moga Jazzkid, Tshepo G, BeaTsOul, RIBZ, Slam tactics, Mo’ Touch, Chadley Chaplog, Jackie, and JalettuaNuune. All the above artists mentioned are extremely talented and Letlaka had a great time working with each one he said.

PSR has had quite an impact on South Africa’s music industry.  To this date, PSR has released a number of singles since 2012 as well as a beat tape produced by BeaTsOul in September 2015 titled “The1ste Tape”.  Last year in 2016 PSR also helped the release of the album “Lip of Faith” by Moga Jazzkid.

Recently PSR has worked with Tshepo G on his debut album that will be released in mid-2017 and will certainly hit the music industry with a bang.  Another project that PSR is working on is a follow-up project with Moga Jazzkid which is still in the planning and development stage.  A new beat tape and EP from BeaTsOul and cOffysOul is also expected.

With all the new albums and singles being worked on we just had to ask Letlaka what more can we expected from PSR and what does the future hold for them. His answer was very interesting and got us actually a bit excited. PSR is in talk and negotiations to setup an online store for the label and they are also busy with an independent consultant to setup an Audio Sound Engineering school for PSR studio so that they can impart knowledge to the youth and help shape our country better through music business. And Letlaka also mentioned there will be a couple more album launches in 2017 that will be nothing less than big.

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  1. Dis amazing wie sou weet so talented persoon kom van randfontein af kani wag om meer van juw artikels te lees ni super interesant

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