10 of the best Feel Good songs

We all have that one special song that no matter how bad our day is when you hear that song you just can’t help but get that feeling that everything will be alright. A feel good song is usually a song that people can relate to and provides the right lyrics, tone, and beat that puts us in a relaxed mindset. These songs are also known as happy songs. When a person is experiencing doubt, depression or even anxiety, his or her mindset is occupied with negative thoughts, as people are negative by nature. So when we experience one of these songs we open our minds up for positive thoughts that push out the negative ones. Without us even knowing we engage in therapy when we listen to happy songs. Everyone has their own unique song that makes them feel good, sometimes the song takes us back to a happy place or moment back in time. It depends on person to person. Below you’ll find a list of 10 of the most popular and effective Feel Good songs. The songs aren’t in any particular order.

  1. Good Life by OneRepublic – This song is what it is. It destroys the doubt we all face by changing our thoughts to something positive


  1. You Get What You Give by New Radicals – Being a famous song that everyone knows it’s certain that this song reminds us to let go and be happy


  1. Best Day of Your Life by American Authors – The ideal song to listen to when you wake up and need the motivation to conquer the day.


  1. Good Life by OneRepublic feat B.O.B – The same song with a new vibe and some added lyrics from B.O.B


  1. Home by Blue October – This is one of those songs that takes us to our happy place, where everything is alright.


  1. Beautiful by P.O.D – A smooth songs that make us see the beauty that is hidden within everyday life.


  1. Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter – The kind of song that understands us. This song doesn’t tell us to be positive but lets us know we are understood.


  1. On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons – No matter who or what we are, we can go big and follow our dreams if we believe.


  1. All Star by Smash Mouth – The song everybody loves to sing along with. When this song comes on we forget all about what troubles us.


  1. Hope by Shaggy – The ultimate song that keeps us on our feet when the tide is high.


If you agree or disagree with our list please drop a comment. We love feedback. Let us know what song is your Feel Good song.

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