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The Art of Belly Dancing with Cairo Moon

For centuries there have been a number of art forms used to communicate with but none other was more vibrant and lively than the art of dance. One of the dances that leave us in amazement is belly dancing. Originally a Middle Eastern folk dance, it has evolved to take many different forms. The dance has evolved throughout the years to adapt based on the region and country that it’s practiced in. The dance involves isolations and percussive movements of the hips and body to rhythmic melodies of oriental music. The dance also emphasizes complex movements of the torso.

With Belly dancing being so respected and practiced across the world it’s a fantastic feeling to be able to say that thanks to Cairo Moon belly and Greek dance studio now we as South Africans can also have an opportunity to experience and fall in love with the art of belly dancing.

Marina Basson the owner of Cairo Moon belly and Greek dance studio has practiced belly dancing all her life. Her father being Egyptian-Greek and her mother Dutch-Greek was born with the culture in her and as she grew so did her passion as Marina now has her own small group of dancers that she performs and competes with.

Marina says that each dancer brings with her a dimension of pizazz and sensuality to the practice of this art. The group consists of Chane who brings the element of fusion in the form of belly hop.  Her style is young and trendy with the expression of percussive to her routines. Marlien another dancer adds a touch of traditional and elegance to the routines as she floats across a dance floor. Energy is also a very important element in the art of belly dancing and thanks to Odette and Kyrsha the group has plenty of it. Together it is certain that they are a formidable act.


Belly dancing is extremely popular in today’s life as it is an expression of what the soul resonates as it communicates the beauty and essence of a woman. The difference is the soul connection, where the dance is but a canvas for the physical articulation of sensuality to music.

Being such a respected art form, Cairo moon performs frequently at corporate events, kitchen teas, weddings, birthdays, government functions and any other event that values the art and the artist. The Cairo Moon has also performed on SABC TV in October 2016 as part of an inset regarding Arts International where they were part of the showcase for international scouts. Marina herself has multiple achievements, one being that she is an SADTA Licentiate belly dance teacher as well as her holding an international dance teacher’s qualification. In 2015 Marina also brought world belly dance day to the Vaal and Kwela covered the feature and aired it.

Belly dancing is without a doubt something that you just have to see. Because we guarantee that when you see it, you’ll live for it. Cairo Moon is always open to new dancers so if you want to know what it takes to become a dancer or you just want to find out about shows then don’t hesitate to contact Marina on


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