Go Barefoot

When the right people get together great things tend to happen, but when a group of best friends with incredible talents get together the possibilities are endless.

The popular South African band ‘Go Barefoot’ has been introducing South Africa to a very special and unique type of music for some time now. We can’t help but develop quite a big liking to their style of music as it helps you to maintain a gentle flow in the rough seas of today’s life.

Go Barefoot was formed about three and a half years back. Mike and Jonny used to play fantastic music at 44 Stanley. The passion and love for music could already be seen back then as they played in exchange for chicken wraps and petrol money just to be able to travel back and forth from locations. Soon after they came up with the idea that adding some keyboard sounds would fit their style of music perfectly, and that’s when Noah joined the group. Saul their drummer was hanging out at Noah’s house when the bunch of friends decided it’s time to make this a real thing, and that’s when Go Barefoot was started. All that was needed was a phenomenal bass player so one last call was made to Clive and then he joined and the team was complete. GB editorial

Go Barefoot is a very inspiring name for a band. Barefoot suggests a feeling of freedom, relaxation, and being comfortable in nature. This is what Go Barefoot is all about. With their music that has such a calm flow, it provides a good feeling that puts your mind right at ease.

Having a line-up that consists out of a group of best friends it’s certain that their musical talents sync up in a great way. Each member of the band brings a special and unique aspect into the equation. Saul the drummer organizes a lot of the logistics and makes sure they don’t destroy themselves on tour. Noah, inventor of the roti pizza and keyboard player gets his musical inspiration from dreams. Mike, the self-taught guitar player bring in a sound that you will never find elsewhere. Jonny, the other guitarist is in more ways than one an artist as he does other artwork as well and is such a good people’s person. Last but not least is Clive, the most mellow and calm person that you’ll ever meet. He brings a chilled atmosphere to the group.

D3A_8706Go Barefoot has been playing at multiple festivals and locations all around South Africa as we just can’t seem to get enough of their music. Their music being a blend of different sounds from traditional African sounds all the way to Western sounds  makes it enjoyable by anyone

Recently Go Barefoot has shot a music video for their current single titled ‘Hail’ and the band is also busy writing new music for the release of their album by the end of the year. For the fans out there who can’t wait longer to get to know them, check them out on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify and even YouTube.

To everyone out there, always remember to go big in life and to Go Barefoot.

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