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Black and White Tattoos ‘with Dave and Tiplo’

Life becomes beautiful when we start collecting moments.

For years now people have celebrated moments in their lives by having their memories become a part of them. From the birth of a child to the meeting of a soulmate, nothing expresses love and compassion more than a tattoo. Tattoos have always been a way to show the world where does your heart lie and what drives you in life. A story can always be told by what a man or a woman decides to wear on her skin.

Throughout time we come across many artists who leaves us breathless with their work. The best tattoo artists are the ones who tattoo us and leaves us wondering how on earth can someone have so much talent. Two of these artists, Tiplo and Dave from Black and White Tattoos have left us in awe for quite a few years now. The phenomenal tattooing duo has left their mark all around South Africa. black-and-white-tattoos-40-200x300

Tiplo who first studied art at the Vaal University of Technology decided that he wants something more challenging in the art world. Rather than creating art on a blank lifeless canvas, he wants his artwork to touch people in a way. About six years ago Tiplo started tattooing in Durban after intense training and doing a ton of research. Not soon after Tiplo started, it became clear that he is going to leave his mark in the art world in a big way.

The other half of the duo, Dave first joined the sales industry and not long after he received his first big tattoo a fire was lit in him.  His passion for tattooing grew and each passing day he fell more and more in love with the art form.  A couple of years back Dave realized that this is what he was black-and-white-tattoos-15-300x200meant to do. The inspiration that Dave gets from his clients and his wife plays a big part in his love for tattooing. He also feels that nothing compares to working on a life canvas.

To be able to know Dave and Tiplo is without a doubt a huge honor and having a tattoo done by them creates a lifelong relationship. People travel from across South Africa just to have their memories captured by Dave or Tiplo. The vibe that their studio brings is ideal for any person looking to get their first ink as we all know getting a tattoo can sometimes be quite scary, so why not have it done by two of the best artists out there and in a studio where you can make new friends while having a great time.  Black and White tattoos is always the perfect place to meet new people and just have a nice relaxing day.

We wholeheartedly recommend that whenever you’re in the area swing by and get to know Dave and Tiplo and see what real talent looks like.

1 comment on “Black and White Tattoos ‘with Dave and Tiplo’

  1. Ruaan Bourman

    Hey all im Ruaan B&W Tattoos are top Nodge work I have got a few masterpieces on my body all from their amazing skills and flexibility.
    So it is definitely worth a ink in a blink 😉


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