The most talked about and anticipated restaurant has finally made its way to South African soil. With the opening of the new Sun International’s Time Square on the 1ste of April 2017, it’s certain that there is much more that awaits you. Alongside the new Time Square is Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar that has people traveling from all corners of the country just to experience the unique rodeo themed dining that the restaurant has to offer.

The restaurant will give everyone the opportunity to see what American food is all about as Guy Fieri’s restaurant will introduce us to some of his famous burgers. One of them being the great Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger. Another creation we will get to indulge in will be the Motley Que, which is a sandwich made out of real American barbecued pulled pork.

The food will be out of this world but it won’t be the only attraction that can be found at the restaurant. The restaurant is said to have a mechanical bull that will allow us, proud time_square_guy_fieri_bull.jpg.sunimage.900.525__1_South Africans the chance to test our own bull riding skills. Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar will definitely be a place to spend your time and make memories.

Guy Fieri, the world renown chef, and restaurateur brought us a range of his own personalized food creations that will have us eating and dining until the sun comes up. The New York Times best-selling author and Emmy Award-winning host, Guy Fieri discovered his passion and love for food at a young age. When Guy was only 10 years old he began selling pretzels from a three-wheeled bicycle cart he built with his father called ‘The Awesome Pretzel’.  From there on Guy only went up and up in the food industry. Now Guy Fiere is a main figure when it comes to food and can be seen on any food network and can be recognized from all around the world.

Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar in Pretoria, Menlyn is the first to be opened in our lovely country and it’s guaranteed that dining at the restaurant will be a must have on any ones bucketlist.



  1. Delsey Piitso

    Was disappointed. Came with my daughter who is turning 18 in July and security turned us back. Was really looking forward. Guess will have to wait until her birthday or please make arrangeefor another entrance


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