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Cosplaying with KomboKitten

When a story, be it a movie, television series or anime is so well written that you connect with one of the characters we tend to admire them and begin to think like they do and act like they do. When the love and admiration a fan has for a character becomes true they’ll bring them to life with the form of Cosplay. genfinished one

Cosplay reflects the fandom of the wearer or creator and is a form of artistic expression just like writing, dancing, painting, etc. What makes cosplay such a great way of expression is the freedom it gives you to explore the depths of your imagination. Cosplay has developed over time where it’s even done competitively. All around the world artists have been taking part in magnificent ways to show their passion for cosplay. One of the artists can be found right here in South Africa.

Genevieve Lesch, or as the cosplaying world knows her, KomboKitten grew up in Cape Town and from the age of 22 she became fascinated by costuming and cosplay and her love for it blossomed to the point where she made a full-time career out of cosplaying. The name KomboKitten originated as her gamer tag, and she chose to retain it as her cosplay tag as well.


Being a great cosplayer is a lot like being great at any other thing. The more practice and determination you put into it the better you become. “Anybody can level up at anything if they continue to practice.”  KomboKitten shares with us that one of her favorite achievements is turning her passion into a lucrative and viable business profile.

Cape Town being her home, is also the place where the biggest of cosplay events take place. Fancon, the biggest Comic Con type convention in South Africa, happens there. For the gamer and tech nerds, they have the annual Electronics and Gaming Expo and both are hosted at the CTICC.  That venue is also known for the great cosplay grounds for all artists.

This year has already been quite busy for KomboKitten, and yet everything has just started. Two of her events this year will be Fancon and EGE. She will be busting out her 2nd and 3rd ever comic book cosplays this year at Fancon, ‘Black Cat & Dark Phoenix.’ This will be a big step for her as she says, “I have prepared my body for bodysuit debut and also prepared my hands for creating body suits, with the help of Yaya Han’s Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern. KomboKitten will also be part of a Smite Group this year at EGE where she plans to debut her biggest build, ‘Kawaii Pop Bastet’. It involves cat feet illusion as well as a rig for a big tail feature. For both these events, she has been employing 3D printing for the first time. ava

We encourage everyone to attend Fancon and EGE this year and get a first-hand experience into the marvelous world of cosplay. This will also provide everyone with the perfect opportunity to meet KomboKitten and get to know her on a more personal level. To those who won’t be able to attend the events, don’t fear for you can visit her site to find out more about her and also to connect with her on social media.


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