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Dream it, Work for it, Live it

We all dream of what we want to achieve in life. What makes our dream become a reality is how badly we want it.

There’s nothing strong enough that can keep someone from doing what they love in life. Growing up in a small mining town in the middle of nowhere didn’t even stop Phillip Nel from pursuing his passion. A young boy who grew up helping his mother prepare Sunday lunch decided that cooking is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.


Once determination takes hold, there’s little anyone can do but to support you. Studying the Culinary art at the first chance Phillip got wasn’t easy, but as time went by Phillip went up in the cooking industry and with sure perseverance, Phillip became a renown chef.  “Why, why would anyone want to do this?” Is what he thought to himself when the going got tough but the only choice he had was to push through.

One of Phillip’s favorite achievements was being on Top Chef. For all who watched Top Chef, you’ll remember the humorous, positive and lively personality he was.  Phillip shares with us that being a contestant on Top Chef is not something you can prepare yourself for in any way, be it physical or mentally. What Phillip loved the most of being a part of Top Chef was meeting other great and inspiring chefs and learning so many new things.


When asked who is his inspiration we learned that Chef Daniel Humm from 11 Madison Park plays a big role in Phillip’s inspirational field. A second question we just had to ask was what’s next? Phillip shares with Blue Monkey that he has entered one or two competitions so it won’t be long until we see him again out there cooking and doing what he loves.

To all the aspiring chefs out there, Phillip leaves you with some words of wisdom.

Don’t give up!  Visualize what you want to achieve and work for the right people to get you where you want to be. Take your time while climbing the kitchen ladder. Plus don’t be a dick, listen and learn, ANYONE in the kitchen can teach you something if you’re willing to listen. Be confident and not arrogant, but yeah just have fun doing what you love.”

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