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Bouwer Bosch, Versoening

From everyone who admires art, to all the lovers of music. We are all familiar with the name Bouwer Bosch, the “artrenpreneur” who shows us that everyone has the ability to live life to the fullest. “Artrenpreneurs”, a hipster term for people like Bouwer, who dabble in the arts and that use different forms of art to express themselves and Bouwer is one of the most inspiring artrenpreneur that you can find.

Bouwer Bosch, the actor, singer songwriter have brought to life some of his most incredible ideas that truly took South Africa by storm and recently Bouwer decided to introduce the public to a brand new web series titled “Versoening”.


As we still see marks and wounds left open from past events, we find ourselves affected every day by topics like discrimination for one’s race and believes. Versoening, the web series is about dealing and talking about these topics that play such a dark role in our everyday lives. As Bouwer states, “It’s about talking TO people and not ABOUT people and more than that is about listening as well.”

#Versoening the web series is about putting a different voice on the table, not screaming or throwing stones, but truly intimate conversations about the hurt that we sit with today. Versoening is about planting new seeds. If you plant love, love will grow, if you plant forgiveness, forgiveness will grow.


The first few episodes in the series will revolve around apartheid. A topic that affects all South Africans until today. As we all are still sitting with fruits from the seeds planted 50+ years back. Bouwer aims to plant new seeds to help the generations to come.

We asked Bouwer how did he came up with the revolutionary idea. “A combination of things. A lot of what’s happening in Coligny and Eldorado Park at the moment kind of grabbed my attention but also just the fact that no one is saying anything about the past anymore. It’s easy for us to go “we need to move on” but you don’t just move on from 50+ years of injustice, this is not a high school breakup that you quickly need to get over. This goes to the deepest part of a human beings soul. So this is not about opening up old wounds, this is about starting to deal with the wounds and owning up to the fact that we were responsible for the wounds. My friend Schalk van Heerden wrote a book called “Time to Trek” and we share the same values in terms of our responsibility we have as whites to start being part of the solution and not just throw a blind eye to the injustice still happening today. Schalk’s book is something that I feel everyone should read that feels passionate about these healing conversations.”

Bouwer believes that listening is the key to overcoming these troublesome topics we are battling with in South Africa.  Violence has never made anything better, the only true way of overcoming a problem like these that we’re facing is to talk about it and help everyone understand the other person’s point of view. South Africa is one of the most vibrant countries in the world and we are home to so many beautiful and different cultures. If we as South Africans start to plant seeds of love, just imagine all the good can come from it.


Nothing is ever a quick fix so a 10min YouTube video is not going to fix the past, but the plan is to show how powerful a 10min conversation can be if people are open to hear each other out and put their differences aside.

Bouwer definitely feels that this will get people to start talking about it and be confronted about it in a compassionate way. “I do not have all the answers, I’m no Jesus, Ghandi, Mandela or Mother Theresa. A lot of people are inspired by this but a lot of people are very angry and upset with me about apologizing for something I didn’t do, for me it just shows how powerful the conversation can be, how powerful an apology can mean, and this is not just about the past, it’s about what’s happening still in SA today.”

The first episode is already up on YouTube and the next one will release within a week or two. Versoening will be a web series but for now, Bouwer wants the first episode to be on its own for a while.



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