Top 10 Zimbabwean songs January to May 2017

The first half of 2017 has been a huge success musically wise in Zimbabwe. The airwaves have been rocking with new sounds coming from all genres. Here we are going to count down the top ten trending songs from January to the first of June.

  • 10- Artist:  Plaxedes Wenyika-Joka

Song:   Now I Know,

Genre: Jazz

Having taken a sabbatical for almost two years, Plaxedes Wenyika came back with a bang. The single, Now I Know released in early April marks a return for the songbird who last released in 2015. The love song is appropriate for mature audiences. Watch out for the whole album to be released in September.

  • 9- Artist:  Blot

Song:   Rufu

Genre: Zimdancehall

Blot, an upcoming Zim dancehall artist released the song Rufu (Death) in April. Undoubtedly the song is mature for his age, the song talks about how death takes all irrespective of our social standing. With such rich lyrics, the sky certainly is the limit for this starlet.

  • 8- Artist:  Tribal mix feat Cynthia Mare

Song:   Hande Nengoro

Genre: Afro-jazz

A truly African song, Hande Nengoro has been making waves since it was released early this year. This is truly a wonderful production.


  • 7- Artist:  She Calaz

Song:   Mbiri YaChidhumo

Genre: Zimdancehall

Nice song from an artist who is getting stronger and stronger by the day.  She Calaz certainly is on top of his game now.

  • 6- Artist:  T1 Wema1 feat Mile

Song:   Mapoacher

Genre: ZimHipHop

ZimHipHop continues to invade the music scene. The song has been a huge success gaining popularity from both ZimHipHop followers and non-followers.

  • 5- Artist:  Killer T

Song:   Ndozviponda Here

Genre: Zimdancehall

A song from an artist who continues to release hit after hit. Killer T is fast becoming a legend in the Zim dancehall scene as each song he releases takes the airwaves by storm.

  • 4- Artist:  Boom Betto

Song:   Munodonhedza Musika

Genre: Zimdancehall

A virtually unknown artist who rose to prominence with a beautiful song, Mudonhedza Musika quickly became a national anthem among the youth when it was released early this year. If the artist can produce more work in the same mold, then he is one to watch for the future.

  • 3- Artist:  Soul Jah Love

Song:   Pamamonya Ipapo

Genre: Zimdancehall

A good track from a good artist, Great track! From a five-year-old to a pensioner, the song has been a sing along for all generations, a feat which says it all.


  • 2- Artist:  Jah Prayzah feat Mafikizolo

Song:   Sendekera

Genre: Afro-pop

From two leading acts in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Sendekera is a nice beautiful collaboration. The amount of airplay it has been receiving in either country bear testimony of this.

  • 1- Artist:  Dereck Mpofu

Song:   Mari

Genre: Afro-jazz

A song dedicated to hustlers all over, the song has put Dereck Mpofu on the world map. Now, Zimbabwe has its own Jabu Khanyile. Great work Mr. Mpofu.


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