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25th edition of SA’s ICON comic and games convention

As all gamers and geeks and tech fans prepare for the 2017 ICON we can only imagine what an enormous turnout this year’s ICON will be as it marks the 25th edition of the event.

From the 16th until the 18th of June, Johannesburg’s Gallagher Convention Centre will be the venue where thousands of Super Hero lovers, Fantasy followers, and pop culture experts gather to celebrate their great and unique love for all things gaming, story-telling, role-playing and much more.


Everyone has an inner geek and it’s those inner geeks that gave the world great and world renown movie franchises that we all know and love today. Thanks to inner geeks we now have studios like Marvel that gives us movies beyond our imagination. We have movie franchises like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars that has taken over the entertainment industry for the past couple of years and certainly will remain on the top of all movie marathon lists years to come.

This year’s ICON will be bigger than ever as the guest list is out of the world, like the talented and famous cosplayer Linda Le, aka. “Vampy Bit Me” can be seen throughout the event. Tech giants such as Canon Gigabyte and MakerBot will also be at the event as well as over 40 speaker panels. The event will also give everyone the chance to see professional gamers and players go head to head against each other.


It doesn’t matter if you’re into gaming, larping, cosplaying or an aspiring comic book author, ICON this year will be bigger than anything you can imagine. This event will provide everyone with the perfect opportune to experience everything your geeky heart desires.

The convention will be the place where dreams come true as all guests will have the ability to transform into a super hero by visiting the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) drive and donate to help save lives. One lucky donor stands the chance of winning a 3D printed replica of themselves as a superhero – sponsored by MakerBot, the global leader in the 3D printing industry.


Venue:             Hall 2, Gallagher Convention Centre

Dates: Friday 16th June / Saturday 17th June / Sunday 18th June

Times:             Friday, Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm



Tickets are on sale now and start at R120 for a one day pass. Weekend passes and limited VIP tickets available.

Visit the ICON FB page or the website to purchase tickets. Follow ICON on Twitter and Instagram.





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