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Jack Parow at Full Moon

On the 3rd of June 2017 I attended an event at Full Moon Dance & Sports Bar in Honey Dew and I must say if you haven’t been there that’s the place to be, no matter what age you are or what type of music you listen to, you will have an awesome night at this bar. Their music varies from hip hop to Deep House to Afrikaans.

The Event that I was attending was a Jack Parow performing live from about 8:00pm till 9:30pm. I must say it was one of the greatest parties I’ve been to for a while. This was my first time going to Full Moon and usually, the entrance fee is about R20 but that night it was R80 because of the event. In regards to the playlist performed by Jack Parow, I believe that he did not plan the sets properly and could have been set up a bit better in just the order of the songs.


In regards to the bar itself, it is very well planned out to help the customers in anything they want to do when they go out for a party. The drinks are reasonably price and the service is quick so there is no waiting in lines to get a drink. They have two bars to order from, one in the main bar area and one by the dance floor. They are very strict about carrying weapons and having your ID on you. The sheer diversity of the crowd is unbelievable there were people from 18 years to 40 years of age there all having the same amount of fun. The entire bar is a smoking area; a lot of people bring their hubbly and others just cigarettes so it caters to everyone.

I will keep the readers updated on upcoming events and different clubs and bars. Follow Blue Monkey on our social media pages for more entertainment.

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