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Roulette Knockout at Silverstar

That dream of turning your house into a castle, that dream of having a car to drive every day of the week, that dream of waking up at an exotic island’s holiday resort. What if I told you that those dreams can turn into a reality.

Tsogo Sun brings Roulette Knockout to Gauteng. Now we all have a chance to win big at any one of the following three casinos. Montecasino, Gold Reef City, and Silverstar are the places to be.  At these casinos, your life can turn around by taking part in Roulette Knockout Gauteng Series.

On Thursday the 8th of June we got to experience this thrilling new Tsogo Sun promotion first hand at Silverstar Casino. As part of the select group of people that was invited to play Roulette Knockout, I can honestly say it’s something big. This heart racing experience that can lead to you winning a share of R1 Million in prize money is without a doubt something to go try out for yourself.


The Roulette Knockout works as follow:

Qualifying rounds take place daily, dependent on demand, at each casino from 22 May to 2 July 2017.

  • R100 cash buy-in gets you one entry and you can enter as many times as you like during the casino qualifying rounds. (Points can be redeemed for entries at registration.)
  • The top 12 players from each of the 3 casinos with the highest chip winnings (from a single buy-in) will win a share of R60,000 in Cash and a place in the Final Rounds at Silverstar.

Final Rounds will take place at Silverstar on 8 July 2017

  • The top 12 players (12 Highest Scores) from each of the three casinos will make it through to the final rounds.
  • The player with the Highest Score from each casino automatically qualifies for a seat in the First and Second Qualification Rounds for the quarter final.
  •  The remaining 11 players from each casino will play off for 17 of the 20 positions available in the First Qualification Round. These 17 players will join the 3 automatic qualifiers in the Second Qualification Round where the top 8 Combined Scores from the First and Second Qualification Round will go through to the Quarter Final Knockout and then 4 Players will go through to the Semi Final Knockout.
  • Two players will progress to the Grand Final Knockout for a chance to win R500,000 in CASH.

With a guaranteed first prize of R500,000 in cash we encourage everyone to visit Silverstar casino and see if you can top the points leader board.





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