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Kaymo Snow

Kaymo Snow, the Soweto, Johannesburg born recording artist and performer has made his mark on the entertainment industry. Keketso Mosito his real name, is truly an artist that kicked the door down and made it clear that he’s going places and going big.

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This young 25 year old rising star is climbing the ladder in the entertainment industry and he’s doing it in more ways than one. Kaymo Snow says he’s not restricted to only the musical aspect. He looks to expand sonically thus making him adaptable for any future collaborations. Kaymo Snow has always loved music like everyone else but it was never a dream. He started with the music scene as a “manager”, helping out his friends who have always been into the music side of things. Kaymo says he would get them beats, studio time, performances, etc and last year a friend of his approached him and asked that he try and rap in his studio and so Kaymo did.  Not long after Kaymo Snow made his first song and new opportunities came up in this young man’s life.


Kaymo is still new in this industry but although he hasn’t had any collaborations with big artists yet, Kaymo has worked with a couple up and coming artists. Three of these artists can be checked out on Twitter : @Ranger_SA, @Steezy_Lenyora, and @lifeofsallie.

Kaymo Snow’s music is more than just beast and what you hear. He shares with us that his music is actually inspired by his own daily life. Listening to his music is getting to know Kaymo Snow himself. He also tells us that artists like Bone Thugs N Harmony, Busta Rhymez, DMX, Ludacris, T.I, Drake, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West are the artists that he looks up to in a very respectable way as they play a big part in his influence.

2017 is going to be an enormous year for Kaymo Snow as this up and comer is planning to go all the way. With new tracks on their way, it will be a shame if you miss out on following this incredible journey that Kaymo is about to take.

Follow Kaymo Snow on Social media and discover his talent at https://soundcloud.com/kaymosnow. So when you start to hear Kaymo Snow on every radio station and see him at every event, don’t forget that Blue Monkey was where he was at.

Photography by @felixm_photography on Instagram


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  1. Cava the boi doing big tings!!!


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