Queen Mashie

Sassy African Queen Mashie ( Sandra tatenda Mashiringo ) a musician based in France Saint Genins Pouilly has put the Zimbabwean flag on the map with her intriguing music. She has mesmerized people of different walks of life with her dance moves and hypnotic afro jazz music with a splash of reggae and ragga flavors. Her music speaks truth and fact of different issues in life that everyone can relate to.


I personally have known her for years and her being in Europe she has stayed grounded and true to her roots from her fashion sense, her ethnic look to her music, she has been a true ambassador of Zimbabwe to the world. Talented in many areas of her life, a designer of her own wardrobe for stage, a captivating dancer, a linguist and a songwriter and composer she as not abandoned her role of being a mother to her three gorgeous daughters and a wife to a supportive husband.

She is an exceptional woman who strives for success despite any situation with no limits like her new single( RISE )says. She currently released a new video that’s making waves , it was shot in different parts of the world to achieve its global message that no matter where or when or how down you are the rising shall come like a Phoenix from the ashes, a clear message that states even if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and crying after the darkness falls the light will surely rise the next morning.


She has music flowing in her blood, she is sister to the legendary Andy Brown who guided and mentored her. Also the legendary Oliver Mutukudzi paved the way to her solo career and supported the family with the same goal in mind heart and soul. Sharing a stage with a number of shows under her belt with the equally talented Nieces Ammara Brown and Chengeto Brown and many other talented artist like the soulful Edith writings the list is endless. With support like this, she has surely taken her seat on the throne and has lived up to her name Queen Mashie.


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