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Supporting the Springboks at Silverstar

Nothing can unite a nation like coming together to support your national sports team. In this case what makes South Africans rise up as one passionate country full of different individuals is the Springboks. Watching the Springboks play and face other teams is something to be considered as an honor.

Seeing the Boks overcome anything is what lights a fire in our hearts, and what better place to see the Boks win than at Silverstar. Bok Town at Silverstar is the top contender when it comes to venues for watching rugby. Silverstar is clearly the best place for entertainment, and when entertainment and rugby come together it’s defined as Bok Town.


Saturday on the 10th of June we had a fantastic opportunity to attend Bok Town and see the mighty Springboks take on the French. With an anticipated game lined up, everyone was ready for a titanic clash between these two rugby giants. At the end, the Boks came out on top with a victory over France with a full-time score of 37-14.

Seeing everyone overflowing with excitement and having the time of their lives is what Bok Town is about. The perfect place to have a family outing, watch the game with your mates or even take your special person to. Nothing beats going to Bok Town and seeing your team win and afterward try and do the same in Tem Pin Bowling or one of the many other Silverstar attractions.

We are definitely going to watch the next test match at Silverstar’s Bok Town, so come and say hi and we’ll have one memorable time.


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