Piece on peace

In the wee hours of Friday morning down in South Africa at a fancy restaurant (Doppio Zero Southdowns), Anna and Martha got down to baba Shupi’s (Peace) song (amai makanaka) a song about a woman so beautifully mesmerizing that all eyes are on her. Such a captivating song that all who listen to it can not resist but just sing and dance along to it.

They shake what their mamas gave them singing (amai makanaka ndimi makonzera nyakanyaka muchidonedza musika, muchuzunza mukaka) lol, such energy these girls have or just maybe it’s the ‘ba shupi’ fever.


I met him for the first time on the red carpet at club  at a friends album launch. He got on stage to perform his hit song and he brought the house down. It was an amazing experience to watch him perform live and I finally got see what everyone back in the diaspora where I live and work was making a fuss about. It was definitely one of my best highlights of my holiday.

Peace mainly known as ba shupi, is a talented artist who is creative and very descriptive in his music as he is entertaining. His music is poetic and the rhythm is simply energetically contagious. It is like a drug, it consumes you in a good way, you get addicted to it, can’t get enough, it leaves you on a beautiful musical high. It’s that great.

Born Peace Nldovu he is married to his equally talented creative wife wadzanai Gumbo  Zimbabwe. He is a family man. A loving husband and a provider. Music speaks to him and he speaks music to us. His creativity goes above and beyond as he is dedicated and passionate about his career because of his endless love of his music the end product is pure genius. To everyone who has not yet come across his music go out there and get yourselves a copy of his album and if shows are in your area go out and have a piece of Peace.


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