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McGregor Vs Mayweather “A Fight with a “mega money payout,”

Check August 26 on your calendar or in your diary as the world will watch arguably the world’s most expensive “boxing fight”. Please do bear in mind that this is not your typical boxing match as it is a combination of two sports in the same boxing ring. Conor Mcgregor ‘mystic mac’, takes on the undefeated Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather in Las Vegas for one of the expensive fight in history. Mcgregor in this fight will rack up over $100 million without taking into consideration the various endorsement deals while Mayweather may easily surpass the $250 million he got in 2015 after his fight with Manny Pacquaio. The question on everyone’s lips therefore is who is going to win this fight.


As would be expected, there are many bookmakers who have earmarked this fight to make some profits. The hot favourite according to bookies is the undefeated boxing maestro Floyd Mayweather. The case for him is no doubt compelling due to his flawless professional performance of 49 – 0. Mayweather is a tricky customer for any fighter as he has shown in the past, with his defense first tactic it is difficult to break down this ‘small’ man in stature. The other reason why many tip Mayweather to walk away with a mega payout come August 26 is because he is fighting in his territory which cannot be said the same for McGregor. The fight will technically be a boxing match and it has to be seen how McGregor, a mixed martial arts champion will cope in this new sport for him.

Not writing McGregor off, he is a fighter who can beat the odds as he has shown on many occasions in the past. Conor McGregor is the first fighter in UFC history to hold simultaneous titles. This great feat has come about due to his incredible self-belief. McGregor has defeated some heavyweights in mixed martial arts when all the odds were against him. For instance, he managed to pull off an upset against Jose Aldo in a fight he was widely tipped to lose.

Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas for a fight described by Sugar Ray Leonard as 'about history'

Age is one thing which may also work in McGregor’s favour. At 28, he is in his prime and based upon the fact that he is still active in his sport makes him walk into the Las Vegas boxing ring on the 26 th being the fresher of the two. Mayweather, on the other hand, is now 40, many will argue he still has it but when you factor in the time he has spent outside the ring, and then that paints a rather gloomy picture.

Mayweather’s last fight was in 2015, two years back, a very long time to be out of the ring. The question then is, how will Mayweather shade off some of his rustiness before the big night? Coming to the match itself, this is a fight of contrasting fighting tactics. Mayweather is a defensive minded fighter who likes to shield himself from destruction before grabbing a knockout punch to eliminate his opponent. McGregor, on the other hand, likes to take the initiative whilst utilising the spaces in the ring. Come August the 26 th , we will know the winning strategy.

Will McGregor shine when the whole world doubts him or will Mayweather capitalise on his support, we can only wait till August but in the meantime, let those speculations and opinions continue to fill our ears?


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