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Phaswana Productions, Life Giver! An inspirational movement.

Social media and other relating sites blow up as a Gauteng based production company is shining the spotlight on a very serious matter in South Africa.

Every day in South Africa countless woman fall victim to abuse. Too many lives have been ruined and too many families have been torn apart by this cruel act. Phaswana Productions came up with this cunning idea to create a music project to spread the messages. As music and entertainment are part of South Africa in an enormous way, why not use it to encourage people to stand up and end violence against one another.


Phaswana Productions is a Corporate Branding and Media Production Company based in Westonaria, Gauteng. They specialize in sound recording for artists and more with a top notch Recording studio. They also do photography and videography as well as printing and graphic design.

They are the ones behind ‘Life Giver’, the emotional and inspirational music project that tells a story about how abuse can destroy a person’s life.  Using their own resources Phaswana Productions made this incredible music video that shakes you and wakes you up to the reality that violence against woman is a serious matter.


The music video,  ‘ Life Giver – Stop the killing‘ can be seen on YouTube and the song can also be found on AudioMack.






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