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Sopranos Comedy Night July 2017

Sometimes we need a little humour to put smiles on our faces and forget our daily life struggles. A night out in the city may just be the anecdote we need to re-energise our lives. Simuka Comedy has just come up with this excellent initiative, the Sopranos Comedy Nights where you get to see real, live comedy – up close and personal with no boundaries.

In real live stand-up, anything goes: from scandalous deals in the business and political world to the unending social mishaps in our society. What’s more, comedy is just about the only thing in Zimbabwe right now that isn’t horrifically, obscenely expensive. So if you’re looking for a relatively cheap night out, try out the new Sopranos Comedy nights in Harare for under a tenner:

Best Atmosphere!


Sopranos Comedy Night Premiere

How Much? $5

Featuring Edgar Langeveldt, Simba Kakora, Doc Vikela and SP the one liner, Sopranos Comedy Night promises to be one of a kind and what a better place to experience this amazing event than in the Sopranos Coffee Shop, a laid back, friendly place to watch comedy in the capital. Simuka Comedy will bring you quality comedians – you bring the laughter.

Look out for: Edgar Langeveldt has a knack for breaking ribs with his mature humour, he turns lazy stereotypes and political messes into biting, personal, satire.

Where and when? Friday, July 7, 2017, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Sopranos Coffee Shop, 6 Argyle Road, Avondale

There may be a Q&A afterward with the comedians to discuss being a professional artist and how to live as a performer in the industry.

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