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Star in the making.

To create one’s own world takes courage.” Georgia O’Keeffe

Hloni ‘Ms Dippy’ Padi lives and functions by this status as she believes that chasing her destiny and dreams is something one must do for themselves whether too high to reach or too low to go.

Lehlonolo Padi is a Lesotho born artist who is taking over the Johannesburg entertainment waves with guns blazing, didn’t just blow up now but has been chasing this dream since her younger days as a child. Since the age of 5 Padi well known as ‘Ms Dippy’ was caught on stage with the legendary house DJ Oskido, after deserting her mother at a festival being so fascinated with the performance, landing her the memorable opportunity of performing with him live, unaware that she would later meet him again. From that day on Padi told herself that’s exactly where she was destined to be, performing for thousands.


While growing Dippy’s artist idols such as Lebo Matosa, Branda Fassie and now Rihanna were her biggest drive and inspiration at getting where she needed to be like landing herself the position of winning masters of dance in Johannesburg as the best female dancer and ‘crumper’. While studying at the National School of Arts she ventured as an actress, presenter and musician which she later went on to study at AFDA. There Dippy studied live performance music where she groomed and pushed her craft as a musician and actress to new levels and heights landing her own music self-titled show ‘Ms Dippy music studio’Her journey in the music industry started elevating a lot more after this production had not just one but two seasons bringing on all her industry friends to hang out with her on her show. Now Ms Dippy is playing the role of ‘Palesa’ who is a young girl trying to get into the music industry, which is close to home, reaches emotional pit and paths, which the viewers will soon be exposed to, and resonates with a lot of viewers across Africa.

With her head on top of her shoulders she is aiming to run after her dreams and willing to show her talents and skills to the audience of South African whether musically or through screen acting to win their hearts. Her new single and music video will be out soon and her role on the daily tv show Rhythm City is growing and expanding, so watch out for her across all spheres.


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