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Useful Advice for Photographers Who Have Done Everything but Is Getting Nowhere

Useful Advice for Photographers Who Have Done Everything but Is Getting Nowhere.

It can be frustrating to pour all your creative business and realize that t you are not getting anywhere. What do you do when are checking all the boxes but just cannot seen to catch a break?

This is a question taht a lot of photographers who are new to the field have, and Chase Jarvis addresses it in an episode of his Youtube Show, Daily Creative. In the episode, apply titled ‘Dabbling Get You Nowhere; Jarvis suggest that the reason you are getting nothing is precisely because you are doing everything.


You have homework to do

It is not uncommon from newer photographers to try establish everything at once- a strong social media presence, a wide portfolio of landscapes, portraits, events and commercial work, and perhaps, even tutorial and workshops. Chase suggests that this is wrong approach. He said “you cannot everything all the time. What are you going to focus on? He reminded fellow photographers that everyone needs to start from the beginning and master their photography first, before expanding their brand. “Focus one thing then expand to the next thing”

“Try to do everything, and be everything to everybody, and end up being nothing to nobody

He also challenges photographers to re-evaluate their goals. What comes first, mastering a crafting or making money? “Mastering something, then build a community around that mastery,” he suggests. Be recognized for you’re in depth expertise in one area, rather than average skill in multiple areas.

Finally, he reminds photographers to have patience, sharing that he worked ten years as relatively unrecognized photographer before this current success, and uploaded Youtube content for five years before gaining significant traction. It all takes time, so establish the right long term goals, and allow them to follow.



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