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Edith Weutonga

Tibelo my bestie and I arrived at The woman of note show in Harare dressed to the nines. Our night out after years of being apart. It was our bonding time, our reunion, our date, an update of our lives. It was a cool breeze night, which the rain had something to do with. Walking into the venue I saw Edith Katiji for the first time. Inviting she was, warm, composed and so much at ease. She has this aura about her, she makes one feel at home. She has a pure heart, a bubbly spirit and oh her soul what can be said, she has a gorgeous one, a rare gem indeed. The show started and oh my, I could not believe my ears, why had I not come across this woman and her music before? she was amazing. Her music is from within and it channels itself through her, what beauty created simply the best.


Edith meaning wealth, blessings, and utonga meaning dawn. Her name says it all (blessings of dawn ). This talented musician and song writer, a music teacher, a mother of four and a NAMA nominee for best actress is an artist from Zimbabwe. She is one of the few women in Zimbabwe who plays the bass guitar like she does. Hand in hand with her guitar she belts out a mean sound producing an authentic unique sound. Her music is of culture, of tradition, of different aspects of life that everyone can relate to ( chipo ), my favourite song after she had something to say about my talents, what an encouraging woman. Her music speaks truth, she is raising her country’s flag highway up as she travels around the world giving people of different walks of life a taste of her music. The passion she posses of life is incredible, she is a strong woman with a heart of a lioness.


Even when she is down under she finds her way up above soaring, nothing can bring this woman down. Her husband Elton Mjanana is her manager, who supports her dreams and her music. Him also coming from the arts background he clearly knows the demands and challenges of the industry that is why they make a perfect A -TEAM. She is one of a kind. Be sure to get one of her albums, every home needs to have a collection. Be it an outing with friends, a date night with your loved one you surely will enjoy watching her shows. She does not disappoint, she delivers and leaves you wanting more. Blessings upon blessings Edith Weutonga.


7 comments on “Edith Weutonga

  1. Nice read Meg! I always look forward to your articles. Your choice of words is brilliant. Keep up the good work!


  2. This is excellent well done Meg…. I enjoyed reading this


    • Meg-Anne Chapfika

      Thank you Yvonne it’s awesome to hear that it’s truly encouraging. ..


  3. Kudakwashe artmore Chikwamba

    That’s my kinda of girl. Well done Meg you are finally showcasing those great talents you have been hiding within! Please continue feeding us with those appetizing pieces. Can’t wait for your next piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meg-Anne Chapfika

      Amazing encouragement I got from this man thank you so much Kuda. I will definately exercise all you said . Thank you for giving me that final push..


  4. Kudakwashe artmore Chikwamba

    Love it!ā¤šŸ‘Œ


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