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Bavarian Christmas at Silverstar

For a moment close your eyes and imagine a festival where Germany’s passion and incredible traditions meet the vibrant and lively atmosphere that can only be found here in South Africa.

Silverstar brought that unimaginable atmosphere to live with their one of a kind, Christmas in July. From the 30th of June to Sunday the 2nd of July The Globe at Silverstar was the entertainment hot spot. A realistic taste of a true Bavarian Christmas could be experienced as traditional music, beer and food were available for all to savor and enjoy throughout the entire fest.


The festival was held within The Globe. This guaranteed that enough space was provided to give everyone that attended the chance to great their own little slice of Germany. The Oompah band could be heard for far away, playing incredible folk music. It was impossible to resist as their distinct sound lured all in to take part in this festival.

South Africa became part of this festival when the phenomenal Dixie Hillbillies, a folk-rock band joined the line-up and showed us why Rock will never die. The talented Afrikaans-punk band, Beeskraal also joined in and the event was made perfect. The music alone could make you see German culture in a new way but with the wide range of German food and beer available, it’s certain you would fall in love with all things German. Let’s not forget the sorted chocolates that were also sold throughout the festival.


From mouth-watering Bratwurst to tantalizing German Schnapps, Silverstar is the place where anything and everything can be found. We highly recommend that you follow Silverstar on social media or visit their website to make sure you don’t miss out on the next big Silverstar event.


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