Killer T

Mbare one of Zimbabwe’s first locations, colourful vibrant, and full of life and endless talents, is the place I was born and partly raised. This place has produced many famous artists. It has influenced their music, it has built and shaped their characters. It is what has made them who they are today.

Killer T, birth name Kelivn Kusikwenyu born, raised and currently based in Mbare has embraced who he is and where he is from. He is a true reflection of this place. His music is inspired by youth living in the ghetto and the people around him, how he grew up, their ways and daily interesting things that happen in the ghetto. Things he knows about.


He is a talented musician who’s genre is of Zim Dance Hall. He is creative too. Currently, his hit song is popular among Zimbos around the world ” Bvunzwa Tinzwe” in direct translation meaning ask and we hear. It caused quite a stir and had tongues wagging when he laid in a coffin. People called it satanism and stating it is ritual practices which I strongly disagree, that is where the creativity kicks in of an artist of his kind. He merely was putting across a question which all human beings want answers too. He was trying to capture the emotions and feelings of what is certain ” death ” which the song is about, in my opinion, was executed perfectly.


Killer T , “po po po” the sound he uses in his songs quite catchy and his name derived from his brother who nicknamed killer meaning killer of dance hall rhymes and lyrics. He has won best upcoming artist in 2014 in the Zimdancehall awards. In 2015 he took the most popular artist in the ghetto award. In 2016 he won best artist male and best collaboration with Fungisai Zvakavapano. This 2017 at the ZAA Zimbabweans achievers award he was awarded a special regonition award in London. There is no stopping Killer T as he has so much to offer and the rising star will surely keep on. po po po!!!!

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