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A sit down with JP Barnard

Often we find that our inspiration can come from a certain movie, maybe a past event or as in this case, a person.

JP Barnard is proof that reaching for the stars is possible. This young artist was born in 1992 and raised in Carletonville, Gauteng. He grew up surrounded by talent as his family was extremely musical.

Discovering your love and passion for music is like discovering a buried treasure as both can change your life forever. JP found his at a young age whilst messing around with all types instruments. In JP’s teenage years he focused more on perfecting his instrument of choice, a classic Takamine Acoustic Guitar that his father “rocked out” on. The acoustic guitar made it easy for his vocal abilities to progress and mould the Musician/performing & recording artist that he is today. Music for JP transitioned from hobby to career when he joined a rock band at the age of 16.


We asked JP how did it feel taking the first steps in order to make your dream a reality?

“The first steps of career choices such as normal “9 to 5’s ” if I could put it that way are fairly easy compared to the first steps of pursuing a dream. Especially the rock star dream. Some would say that pursuing a dream could turn out to be the hardest decision that someone could ever make because the margins for error and risks are off the charts.
You have to be completely sure that you are ready for hard times at first and have enough determination to know what needs to be done in order for you to reach your goals, turning the dream into a reality.” I took certain steps and very calculated decision to make sure that my dream of becoming a successful working musician and artist would eventually become my reality “the dream job”. I worked for a massive international company under project management and accounting for a couple of years before taking the big leap using the company I worked at as a means of funding my musical pursuits and of course paying the bills. My resignation letter was on the back of an album cover in which I featured, with a bold white board marker. “


Listening to JP’s music you can hear why it’s defined as Powerful, Passionate and Inspirational. His music symbolises realism in a way. He also takes great pride in how he presents his music as JP truly believes that music can connect people and JP is one artist that cares about his fans more than himself I would say.

JP shared with us that a great achievement for him was getting signed by MAD Entertainment, a music label, management and booking agency boosting his music career in an enormous way.

To everyone out there you can look forward to seeing him on Kyknet’s ChatNou soon, time and date to be announced on his Facebook page. His singles are also available for download on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon, Shazam and much more online shops.

2017 might be past halfway but the big plans JP has is just getting started!

Photography by Vasti Lourens Photography.



3 comments on “A sit down with JP Barnard

  1. Jan engelbrecht

    Nice Jp
    Keep on rocking!


  2. Hannelie van Heerden

    Well done JP I am very proud of you,you bring some joy to all that is listening.


  3. I’m so proud of you!!!


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