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SKETCHY BONGO at Madison Avenue

On Friday the 30th June 2017, I went to the Sketchy Bongo event at Madison Avenue. The club was packed and it was an incredible feeling seeing so many people gather at one great venue to see an artist like Sketchy Bongo perform. When the usual DJ was playing music the club had a good vibe and everyone was enjoying the atmosphere, but as soon as Sketchy Bongo started playing the crowd went absolutely nuts. It was truly a marvelous sight to see.

The event’s name was Love me in the Dark and was based around one of Sketchy Bongo’s most well-known songs which was released on the 3rd February 2017. Sketchy Bongo is one of the most well-known Dj’s in South Africa. You can guarantee when he takes the stage the crowd will always go mad in excitement.


Sketchy Bongo played a number of club tracks that made the crowd go wild but when he played Love me in the Dark the club just transformed and everyone went crazy. During that bass drop, I thought the club was going to shake down.

Seeing Sketchy Bongo perform live is amazing and I feel that Madison Avenue planned the event out to perfection. It was certainly an awesome night, the drinks were affordable and the entrance was not too expensive either. So to all you Sketchy Bongo fans out there, I will most likely be doing more reviews on him in the future and I hope to get a review sometime soon.

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