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The one and only Almarie du Preez

Almarie du Preez, a talented young lady who has no need for introduction as her soothing and unique musical talent does it for her. The former JAM-presenter has not only managed to establish herself as a singer, songwriter, radio presenter and performer over the past seven years but is also known as actress, writer and TV presenter.

Jy Vir My was Almarie’s first Afrikaans single and has only been released recently. The single Jy Vir My has the power to connect to your most inner as the song is a combination of pure emotion and catchy melodies.  Almarie says The song is about discovering everlasting love. Sometimes the most beautiful encounters lie in those moments when you are not looking for it, but it keeps finding you. It is also about the fact that sometimes it takes time to realise that a person is everything that your heart desires and even if things do not work out, the beauty of memories continues. I think every person longs for true love and whether you’re still looking, or have already found your special someone, this song will make you feel nostalgic.” Almarie wrote the song herself while StoneBear & Mayor assisted with the production process.


As a young girl, Almarie’s parents used to listen to legends like Laurika Rauch, Roy Orbison, Koos du Plessis and Queen. Being exposed to great musical talent like those artists helped Almarie’s love for music to bloom. She started playing instruments when she was still at school and has a Grade 8 qualification in Piano from Unisa, a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy, and also had formal vocal training. 

There is still a lot of musical goals that Almarie would like to achieve, including her debut Afrikaans album, which she doesn’t want to reveal too much about at this stage. She would also love to work with Francois van Coke one day, because the honesty in his lyrics inspires her and she believes that their voices would sound good together.

Almarie single cover small

Jy Vir My is an absolute must for any music lover’s collection. This combination of fairytale-beautiful lyrics, striking melody and soothing voice, is the perfect ingredients for a hit that will remain popular for years to come.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/almarie.dupreez?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

Twitter: @almarieviraltyd

Instagram: @almarieviraltyd




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