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STAGE360- Show the world what you’ve got

Are you the next award winning hip hop artist? Has your talent been kept hidden for too long? It’s your time to shine and STAGE360 is making that possible.

With all the different genres of music in South Africa, there is one that stands out the most, Hip-Hop. When it comes to SA Hip-Hop’s new talent – Nasty C, Areece, Fifi Cooper, Nadia Nakai, etc., these MCs went from being the ‘new sound’ to being featured on EVERY SINGLE TRACK out there so what’s stopping you from going the distance?

STAGE360 is a digital platform for the discovery and development of new Urban Hip-Hop talent, which offers a 360-music-industry-support-system for artists to showcase their talent. It’s the only platform that gives you a 360˚ experience into the music world as an artist. But let’s be honest, what’s an artist without his or her fans? This is what makes STAGE360 so incredible. STAGE360 is as much for the fan as it is for the artist. As a fan, the level of support given to artists is rewarded with exclusive content, access to exclusive events, competitions, giveaways and so much more. This makes it possible for the fans and artists to gain in their own way.


“We’re looking for the freshest artists, MCs, and beat-makers on the streets. You need to be hungry for it! You need to understand what it takes to make it in this game. You have to be ready to perform on stage, get into a recording booth and meet-and-greet with fans at any given moment. You need to know how to take advantage of any curveball we throw your way. You need to be a 360 artist yourself. It’s in your persona, your bars, your beats, the relationship you create with your fans, and the passion that keeps you going.”

How it works:

Everything is housed on the STAGE360 platform, on the BBM App. It’s where artists go to be seen, and where fans go to discover. Download BBM, go to Discover and then STAGE360 awaits you.

Here are some beyond talented artists that’s walking the STAGE360 Jeorney right now.

Uno July- STAGE360

Uno July: Facebook: Uno July, Twitter: @Uno_July, Instagram: @unojuly


Ojay Dash: Facebook: ojay dash, Twitter & Instagram @Ojaydas_SA



Kaylo: Facebook: KayLo Heita,  Youtube: Kwezi Heita

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