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The star behind the star

Behind every musician, there is a phenomenal personal assistant. Before
the electric fancy acts/ shows, the glist and the glam there is a lot of
planning right through to the execution. Zimbabwe has one who is highly
sought after and this woman is non other than Wadzanai Gumbo Ndlovu.

Africa is pregnant with diverse artistical beings and Wadzanai helps with
the birthing of such. From local to international artists, Ba Shupi Peace
Ndlovu her husband, Bright Shumba, winner of star bright 2016, Frankson
Kudzai Kazai, Queen Mashie based in Geneva she has the big fish hooked,
working on successful events that have seen the likes of Uhuru,
Mafikizolo, and recently signing on new blood, a new kid on the block from
Mozambique Thale We Dzinza.


With the abundance of raw talent within Zimbabwe that she has brought
forth and represented, other countries require more of her services
because of the exceptional results. She has given the name personal
assistant a whole new meaning at a whole new level. For a musician to be
comfortable and to bring out their creative juices without worrying about
flights, accommodation, interviews etc she takes on that role and owns it.
Even the wildest request will be granted.

In addition to her being a personal assistant, she is a model, a
representative for Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia (MUA) My United Africa
magazine that is based in the United Kingdom, she is also an actress a
wife and mother.


Upon meeting and spending some time with Mrs Ndlovu, I have seen the laid
back off work side for maybe just a couple of minutes the rest of the time
she is in work mode, she is that dedicated to her work that sees her bear
amazing fruits.

Currently, she is on a holiday tour attending the Davido 30 billion tour
show in Copenhagen and will be attending the Erica badu concert this Friday
the 14th.

If looking for a personal assistant who will put you on the map, search no more. One can directly contact Mrs Wadzanai Gumbo Ndlovu on Twitter @mswadz on Instagram and Facebook.


5 comments on “The star behind the star

  1. Sibongile Mangxangaza

    Awesome job she’s doing, she’s on top of her league. Please get hold of her and use her services and you won’t be disappointed.
    Way to go Ma-Shupi. Proudly Zimbabwe going places.


  2. That’s my amazing sister ….Go Wadzanai…x


  3. jaw dropping stuff


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