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Poetry turned into rap

Who would’ve thought that the famous “The day I will never forget” essay from primary school would bring about a love that audiences live to listen to? Ntombela whose real name, Siphesihle Mahlobo is a 20-year-old rapper who doesn’t like referring himself to as an artist but as something bigger than that, grew up in a township called Lawley, eWest as the rappers from the West Rand call their region. For him it all started by writing poetry, this is why people understand his songs, he calls it “poetry turned into rap”

Ntombela is a Zulu rapper, he refers to himself as conscious because he believes he speaks for the people. For most people, rap is about dissing your opponent and for some it’s for telling people how rich they are, Ntombela though that as well but he says as he grew up physically, he grew mentally and his rap game grew as well. He has changed his stage name thrice, the first name was Smash, which came when he used to play a game called Stickman, it had words such as crack, smash and when it was his turn to play he’d always “smash” his opponents and his friends suggested that he use this name. The name stuck and he used it well because he would smash other rappers during cyphers. He changed it to Kinetic Smash and finally to Ntombela which is his clan name. If names come so spontaneously, punch lines would obviously flow easily.


Ntombela came about when Siphesihle thought of changing his style of rapping. At first rapping for him as mentioned above was about punch lines and dissing other rappers but as he grew up he realised his love for rap is deeper than that. He started reading books about culture and history amongst other things, he watched documentaries, he did all this because he thought if he was to rap, he at least had to rap about real life issues. When he describes himself he says he is the kind of person that talks about things people are afraid to talk about. He told a story where his mom and family members were in a car, driving and one of his tracks played, his mother doesn’t usually listen to his music but with this particular song, she said “uzoboshwa” which is Zulu for you’ll get arrested, that is how the spirit came about.

His biggest highlight in his growing career is going to a show called ONE MIC, it’s a tv show where rappers battle it out, he survived through 4 rounds and he won the competition, he thinks if he is able to win such, he is able to win and accomplish more.


5 comments on “Poetry turned into rap

  1. andile msizazwe

    a big shout out to Ntombela a real mc thanks for ukusinikeza ukudla kwendlebe that is why ngeke ngayekela ukulaleli hiphop

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  2. I’m really happy about this. Brother man finally gets recognition.

    Wena owaphuma ngenoni emgodini
    Wena owaseMnambithi,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Teenonna

    Smash and Andiswa this is beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve seen Ntombela perform a number of times and every time I’m reminded of how blessed and worthy I am of being all black and conscious

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